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Thank you, I have learnt a lot that I did not know...took for granted when I started....glad I completed it and have reference for future Read Full Testimonial
...I found your Tips and tricks course very interesting and useful...get in a rut ...that the newer versions have more to offer than just more rows and more columns. Read Full Testimonial
...well structured for beginners... Read Full Testimonial
...course was great...I thought I knew how to Pivot, but your course proved otherwise. Read Full Testimonial
Advance Excel 3 day course very detailed and well presented...makes Excel Pivots and even nested formulas easy to understand...most definitely recommend your company for Excel training. Read Full Testimonial
I've done an Excel course in the past from which I gained a brief amount of knowledge. This one however is more detailed, the online tutoring is excellent. I'd definitely recommend this to others. Adele was doing the Online MS Excel beginner Course Read Full Testimonial
High content course supported by a detailed handbook ... intricacies in Excel are pointed out as well as the odd shortcomings ans how to get round it...Explained in simple terms backed by relevant and practical examples ... online course is structured in a logical way and easy to follow ...benefit of the online course is that you can follow your own pace and revert to previous lessons ...This course is highly recommended, even for advanced Excel users in this discipline. Read Full Testimonial
... The lessons are easy to follow and it is quite convenient doing them at home. I have to squeeze them in between normal work duties, which adds to the convenience... Read Full Testimonial
...The course was so useful I learned a couple of tricks to aid me with my own work as well....They were able to ask a few specific questions... Read Full Testimonial
Your (AuditExcel) Advance Excel and Financial Modeling course is one of the best courses available on the market, it is well structured, relevant and insightful. I will recommend it to anyone who would like to improve his/her Excel and/or Financial Modeling skills. Read Full Testimonial