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... honestly say that they did not disappoint ...has a fantastic range of relatable knowledge ... learnt so much on this course ... covers loads of practical exercises that Adrian translates into industry specific examples ... course outline is really well thought out ... doesn’t waste time, focusing on best practice, new useful and faster ways of doing things, as well as elevating existing formulas ...top notch course ... absolute necessity for anyone working with/ creating financial models. Read Full Testimonial
Time and money well spent ... truly enjoyed taking the 'Advanced Excel' course with Audit Excel ... constantly cleaning and analyzing data ... course helped me take my Excel skills to a new level ... appreciated the small class setting ... knowledgeable instructors ... get help solving issues encountered while creating an Excel document for work. Read Full Testimonial
...best instructor I've had ... Advanced MS Excel Training is the most useful course ... used Excel for over 15 years now, but I really underestimate the high utility of Excel ... kept me on my toes ... fully engaged the entire time ... tons of opportunity for practice. I strongly recommend taking this course! Read Full Testimonial
I sincerely enjoyed the course and I am looking forward to the advanced course. Read Full Testimonial
I really enjoyed the course and took a lot out of that 3 days. So much knowledge that will now make my life easy. Read Full Testimonial
...really helpful ... covered a lot of content ... interactive ... allowed us the opportunity to practice what we learnt in the course ... Venue was very nice ... food was great too. Read Full Testimonial
Great course ... you think you know Excel quite good until these guys show you true Excel and how powerful a formula can get...reporting with Excel much easier. Read Full Testimonial
Great course content ... De Wet is a fantastic course coordinator. Read Full Testimonial
Great course - De Wet was a great teacher. Opened up a whole new world for me. Read Full Testimonial
...didn’t know even existed in excel ... make life much easier ...practical experience ... learning experience closer to home ... highly recommend this course for those wanting to be more efficient with excel. Read Full Testimonial