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We pride ourselves on providing practical solutions to business problems using Microsoft Excel. We also make sure that the courses are pitched at the correct level with our free MS Excel skill assessments prior to running the courses.

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What an exciting and productive learning. Our facilitator was really great! My highlight for the two day training was Pivot tables and VLOOKUP. Read Full Testimonial
This course is one of the best career development programmes I have ever attended.... amazed at the potential amount of work I can accomplish at the click of a button with excel. Read Full Testimonial
DeWet is an awesome facilitator, really passionate about transferring knowledge to ppl. I shall recommend the company definitely to peer's and colleagues. Read Full Testimonial
The lecturer presented the training very well. A little practice on it daily will make life easy. Read Full Testimonial
Excel made practical! ... became understandable and practical... course eliminates jargon and complicated explanations, and replaces it with a hands on presenter shows you how to logically use and apply Excel in everyday scenarios ... material was relevant and we were given great tips and tools to streamline otherwise manual admin processes. If you want to learn how to become efficient and effective in data management and presentation- this course is a must! Read Full Testimonial
Fantastic course and insight. Thank you De Wet who is professional and superb in engaging a class. Read Full Testimonial
Absolutely fantastic, learnt a lot and would recommend! Read Full Testimonial
This course helped me to save 5 hours on my month end report. This was the best XCel course ever. Read Full Testimonial
The course was excellent and well worth it. The presenter made it easy to understand and engaged with the delegates. The course is well presented and has an easy flow to it. Read Full Testimonial
Great course ... value for money, trust me you won't regret, if you wanna improve your productivity this one is for you, Excel on its own has so much to offer after this you'll see how much time you wasted on simple things. Read Full Testimonial