Excel Graph Add Series

How to easily add a series in an Excel graph in different ways.

Excel Graph Add Series

Occasionally you may find that you set up a chart and at some later point you want to add a new series into it, so, for example, this one is pulling through the first bill, but we want to bring the second bill through.

We are going to show you three ways you can add a new series to a chart. Our preferred method is the following:- Go to the chart and either under the Chart Tools Designs, Select Data – or you can right click on it and you’ll see the options exists here saying “Select Data” and when you click on it, it will tell you where it is currently looking and what it is called. If you click “Add” , you can now specify exactly what you want to add to this graph. The Series Name, I am going to say exists here and where the Series Values – there they go. And you’ll see when I say OK the chart has already been done.

At this point as well you can click here and perhaps you want this one to appear first so at the moment Bill 1 is here, Bill 2 there, I’ll move it up and you’ll see they switch around. Let’s just undo this- it is now back to a single series.

Another way to add a series, if I click on a graph, notice that these little coloured blocks appear, showing what the graph is looking at. If I have set it up nicely so that the information is next to each other – I can actually go to this graph and get my cursor to change so you can see it has got the expansion option, click and drag and when I drag over that area and I let go, you’ll see that series is added into the graph.

The third option – let me just undo this again- is just as simple. You click and you highlight the new series – it must look the same as the old series, you copy it – either Control C or you right click and you go to copy, click on the chart, you’ll see there is an option here called Paste and when I paste, you’ll see the series is added into the chart.