Excel Hyperlinks

How to use Excel hyperlinks to make navigation easier within a spreadsheet and to avoid the use of VBA.

Excel Hyperlinks

The HYPERLINK feature allows you to control the navigation within and outside your spreadsheet, without making use of visual basic or macros to generate buttons that will take you where you want to go.

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In this segment you’ll learn how to activate the feature, and use the feature to move around a spreadsheet.

In this example you have set up an Index page, and what you want to do is to be able to click on a button or the word and be taken immediately to that particular page.

So if we clicked on Overall Assumptions we’d want to go to this page here,
alternatively if we click on Product A, we’d like to go to Product A
The HYPERLINK feature can help us achieve this, for example if we want to click on Overall Assumptions, and have it go to this sheet

click on that cell
go to Insert,
and this box will pop up, as you can see you can link to multiple options
so you can go to an Existing File or Web Page and you’ll see if you click on that you can choose
what file you want to be attached to,
you can go to some Place in this Document,
you can create a New Document or
you can specify an Email Address,
in this case we want to go to a Place in this Document
and because were looking at Overall Assumptions we want to go to Overall Assumptions
and we can specify instead of going to A1 lets go to A10
and when we say Ok
you’ll see that next time you hover, you’ll get the little hand
and if you click on it
you’ll be taken to that sheet and to the exact cell that you wanted to go to
If you want to remove the HYPERLINK,

get onto that cell,
go to Insert,
and you’ll see that over here you’ve got a Remove Link button, and when you click it, you’ll see that the link is removed.
I prefer to use the HYPERLINK feature because I’m not a big fan of using visual basic or macros. So if you look here

if I click on Overall Assumptions it takes me there
and I can set up a little sign saying Go back to Index
I get taken back
go to Product A
Go back to the Index
Product B
go back to the Index,
and I find this is a very good way of setting up the navigation within a spreadsheet