Excel Maximum and Minimum

How to use the Excel Maximum and Minimum functions to find the maximum or minimum of a range.

Excel Maximum and Minimum formula

In this segment you will learn how to find and activate the Excel Maximum and Minimum functions, and how to use the functions to limit a cells content to a maximum or minimum amount.

In this example we have a list of Players and four Scores for each player. We have the Average, what we’d like to do is automatically work out what the maximum score is and the minimum score for each player. To do this

  • you can click in the cell where you want the answer to appear
  • and activate the Function Wizard
  • and then you can go to either All and find the MAX feature
  • or else you can go to the section in which it is included, which is the Statistical section,
  • go down to M,
  • when you say ok
  • this will pop up and what it is asking you to do is to identify the cells it must look at to determine the maximum
  • in this case we want to highlight these four cells, or you could individually click each one,
  • and when you say ok
  • You’ll see that the maximum number from this list is displayed.

In order to determine the minimum number,

  • you click on the cell
  • activate the Function Wizard
  • and find the Minimum function,
  • you say ok
  • and in this case we’ll individually click the cells so
  • number 1 will be that cell,
  • number 2 that cell,
  • number 3 that cell
  • and number four that cell,
  • and when we click ok we will be shown the minimum value out of that list

We can now copy these formulas all the way across, and quickly work out what each players average maximum and minimum score was.