Excel Quick Sum 2013

How to get a SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT and more by simply highlighting the cells concerned.

Excel Quick Sum

In Excel, if you want to do some quick calculations without doing formulas or getting a calculator out, you can make use of the Excel quick sum/ average/ count tool.

So if you highlight a couple of cells that have got numbers in it – you’ll notice – we have been told here that the sum of those cells comes to that number 6410.

If you want there are other options you can choose – if I right click on this, you’ll see that not only do we have sum but there are a whole bunch of other options. I am just going to switch them all on.

And when I now look at it you’ll see that those highlighted cells – you get the average for it, count, numerical count, what the minimum of that list is, the maximum, and the sum. And that is quite useful – I just want to get a quick view – you’ll see we have got an average, how many are numbers over here compared to how many cells are highlighted, what the minimum, what the maximum is, and the sum. What you will notice as well – if I highlight those three cells – it comes to 4487 – if I hide one of them 3103 you’ll see so this only adds averages etc – the visible cells.