Excel text top of cell 2013

How to get the text or number in a cell to appear at the top of the cell and not at the bottom (which is the default).

Excel text top of cell

In Excel, when you start playing with the height and the width of columns and rows, it can affect your formatting or the look and feel of your spreadsheets. This is where the Excel text top of cell feature can be useful.

So in this example, we are going to wrap text – so this cell over here looks okay. If we now put a word in here, it automatically by default goes to the bottom of the cell – perhaps you don’t want that – you’d rather have this either in the centre or at the top. To do that is very simple – you click on the cell – I’m going to right click – go to format cells and you’ll see under the tab called alignment you can specify both the horizontal alignment – so general in this case goes left – because it is text and vertical so by default it is bottom.

So if I say go to centre – say okay – notice that it moves to the centre – or I can specify that the vertical alignment is at the top- you will see it is over there. You can also play with this alignment quite a bit – so I am going to right click – format cells – so perhaps we want it to appear with a bit of an angle – I say okay – you will see then it appears but at the angle we want. Perhaps in this case we put it at the centre – and maybe I want it smack in the middle but at that angle you can do it that way.