MIN MAX errors in Excel

MIN MAX errors in excel when one of the cells is a blank cell rather then a number like zero.

MIN MAX errors in Excel

The MIN and MAX functions in Excel allow you to tell Excel to specify whether you want a minimum of a number of cells, or the maximum of a number of cells. However there is something that needs to be understood about these functions with regards MIN MAX errors in Excel.

What you have here is a very simple spreadsheet, there’s a Reserve requirement and then there’s Cash available, and the MIN is used to decide which is the minimum and that is how much is kept aside. So for example when you have 90 available that is the most you can put behind, but you need a 100 and so it goes on. And this stage you no longer require a reserve , you’ve got cash available but you don’t need to hold it in a separate account.

What’s important to know that when there’s a zero here, this calculation is again correct however if this was deleted and the reason this is mentioned is that people often associate an empty cell with a zero. So for example someone might say well let me

highlight these two
and delete them because they’re not required,
what happens is Excel ignores these empty cells and says well the minimum is now here it’s the 130
And this can cause problems in certain spreadsheets. So you just have to be careful to make sure that no empty cells are causing problems in your MIN and MAX features