PDF Signature from Excel

How to create a PDF signature once you have converted from an Excel file into a PDF file.

PDF Signature from Excel

If you have a file you want to put a signature to, one way is to convert it into a PDF and then put the signature onto the PDF, basically a PDF signature from Excel.

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So here is our excel file – here I am going to SAVE AS, and over here the type – we are going to choose PDF – give it a name and we are going to click SAVE and once it is saved we can move onto the next step. Once we have the file in PDF format we can open it up in acrobat PDF reader.

The next step is to put the signature on – so if you go to VIEW – you click on the sign option and over here we have a few options – I am going to click on PLACE SIGNATURE – and you’ll see it gives me the option – so how do I want to create a signature – do I want to type my signature – use a webcam – draw my signature or use an image. I am going to use an image I have previously scanned in – I am going to browse to it – you’ll see there it is – I click open – I get a view of it. I am going to accept it for now. Now you can see that we have got a copy of the signature that is floating – I am just going to go down to where I want to place it – you’ll see it belongs there and when I click you’ll see it is put in place. The next step would be then to click on this signed – proceed to SEND. When I click I have a few options. I recommend you do this one – save a copy – you go save it wherever you need to save it  – and conveniently it has got the same file name – just with the word “signed” on it. And once you have done that you can then send it to whoever the recipient is.