Pivot table column labels

How to use the Pivot table column labels to construct a meaningful Pivot Table.

Pivot table column labels

Now let’s look at the Pivot table Column Labels available.

Pivot Tables for Excel 2007What you can see here is that the pivot table has got the months in the row labels with some amounts. It is very simple to put everything in the column labels. I grab an item, pull it across here, let go and you’ll see very quickly your pivot table has changed so the months are now in the column labels.

Everything we could do on the row labels can be done on the column labels. So, for example, if I come here and I take the day of the week, I can click it, drag it, and maybe put it after the month, let go, now we have got the month, the day of the week and the related data that relates to it. If I don’t like that, click here, maybe put it above the month, let go. Now you can see all the day 1’s- January, February, March – all the day 2’s – January, February, March etc. I am just going to go back there.

All options that were available under row labels are available under column labels. So if I right click here, you will see I can go to Field Settings and everything here is exactly the same as the row labels – so we suggest you watch the row label video clip to see how this can be useful