Save spreadsheet from email

How to save a spreadsheet you received via email to avoid losing your work.

Save spreadsheet from email

Explains the issues about receiving a spreadsheet via email and working on it. The video clip shows how to save a spreadsheet from email.

If you receive an email with an attachment or attachments, you must be very careful about opening it directly from Excel. The problem is you may save it and I don’t know if you know where Excel saves these files – it is in a temp file and you may struggle to find it again.

So the first recommendation is – right click on the attachment and you’ll see there is a SAVE AS option. If you have got many attachments you can say SAVE ALL ATTACHMENTS. When you say SAVE AS, the normal SAVE AS dialogue box appears, you go find where you want to put it, give it a suitable name – make sure it is the type you want so if it is a macro make sure it is a macro enabled worksheet, click SAVE and now you can close down the email and go to Excel and safely open the file.

If you do want to open the file directly from the email – so let’s open this again – you can do it. So I double click here, it opens up – if you have got any active content that you need to decide to activate, you need to enable it, but be aware that at the moment it is saved in your email which is in a temp folder. So the first thing you must do is go to File, Save As, and go and place it in a folder you want and give it an appropriate name, make sure it is the correct file type, click SAVE, and now you can continue to work on it and you don’t have to worry about it being saved in the email.