Which Excel course should I do

The problem with Excel is that there are so many uses for it, and so many features to learn, how are you supposed to know which course you should attend?

Have you attended an Excel 1,2,3/  Intermediate/ Advanced (or any other name) and left having spent lots of time (and money) but not any wiser in the areas that YOU use Excel for. Read on for details of the questionnaire, or just do it by clicking below.

Do the Which Excel Course to do questionnaire

Do you continually have to ask ‘Which Excel course should I do’? Knowing your skill level is important (you can get your Excel Skill Level here) but more useful is knowing what Excel tools will help you right now to halve your workday.

This questionnaire shows tasks typically done using Excel. All you need to do is answer whether you do then often, sometimes or never.

You will then be immediately able to get a report of which courses will be most beneficial for you, or, in the case of running an inhouse or onsite course, we can create a custom built course that exactly matches what you or your staff actually do with Excel.

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Do the Which Excel Course to do questionnaire

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